I am sure, all parents reading this will agree with me that kids today have far more options when it comes to toys and books than we did. To add to this, we as parents, want to get them the best of everything we can afford. And all this results in too many toys and books.

Being a parent, I understand, we all buy the best toys and books and pamper the kids. But the problem that comes with this is kids’ toy storage. Teaching the kids to tidy up is not easy and when you need to find small pieces of the big puzzle from all corners of the house, you want kids’ toy storage ideas to be more organized.

When you have proper kids’ toy storage and a kids’ storage cabinet, you can ensure that the kids enjoy playing with their toys and at the same time keep the house clutter-free and free of any mess.

There are various options available when it comes to storing toys for kids. There are different kinds of storage boxes for toys and kids’ storage cabinets. In this post, we will talk about the best kids’ toy storage ideas to make life simpler for all parents struggling with organizing toys and books. 

Why Is it Important to Have Proper Kids Toy Storage?

Being organized is for sure one of the best answers to my question. But, there is more to just being organized if you have proper storage for toys and books in the house. Let me quickly tell a few, before we go on to the ideas for storage.

  • Ensures safety as small parts of toys are in one place and chances of someone stepping and getting hurt reduce
  • Also, if there are younger siblings, there is a problem with them swallowing and putting things in the mouth. With a proper kids’ toy storage box, this problem can be solved
  • When there is a place for toys, kids also know what toys they have and makes them independent by choosing what to play with and read
  • When kids see you organize toys, they learn the same. Being organized and keeping their things properly is a very important trait which they must learn
  • Kids learn the concept of helping the parents and house help by cleaning the mess and also become less spoilt and more empathetic
  • If they know they will need to clean the mess, they will try their best not to create it

Kids’ toy storage ideas to Have a Clutter-Free House

Above, are some of the main advantages of storing toys and books in an organized way. Next, we will discuss some of the ways to store. Most of them are used by Little Miss A and me, and some I have heard about and would like to recommend.

Having a kids’ storage cabinet and along with it, there are many options for toy storage boxes in India. Using a few different items is the ideal way for kids’ toy storage.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you buy any of the products using the links, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Let us get started:

Ikea Toy Storage

I am a big Ikea fan and their functional and good quality products are my favorite. Until Ikea came to India I would stock things whenever we went to visit family in the UK. Now, the products are easily available in India and you will find them in all corners of my house.

Following are some of the best products I like to store Miss A’s toys and things.

Ikea Toys Storage Bag with Dinosaur Print

Ikea Toys/Laundry Storage Bag with Dinosaur Print

This is a practical storage solution that can also be used as a laundry storage bag. Cute prints and easy to carry, make them a favorite with kids too. We use these to store soft toys and sports items so that Miss A knows where to pick her stuff from when heading to the playground. Easy to clean and store when, not in use, these are a must-have.

You can click here to get this bag.

Ikea Polyester Square Storage Box

Ikea Polyester Square Storage Box

This set of 3 polyester boxes add color and utility to your kids’ play area. These are multipurpose storage boxes for toys and can be used for various toys and their parts. We use them to keep things like her pretend play sets like kitchen and doctor sets. These are also good to keep small cars and toys.

Click here to buy this set of boxes.

Ikea Steel Utility Cart

Ikea Steel Utility Cart

This cart has been extensively used in the lockdown since Miss A started homeschooling. All the things which she needs for her class are kept on this cart. To give an idea, the top shelf has her pencil stand with her chalk and duster and all printable or other things which are needed for the day. On the second shelf, is all other stationery in boxes like color pencils, crayons, and sketch pens.

On the last shelf, are her books, art files, and slates which are used during her class. This ensures all the things are close to her and she can pick them up without any help from me. The trolley can be used for storing anything and is very useful for kids and also in the house.

Available in different colors, you can click here to get this for your little one.

Ikea Plastic Toy Storage Box with Lid

Ikea Plastic Toy Storage Box with Lid

This transparent toy storage box with a lid comes in different sizes. The smaller ones are ideal for items like lego and also for stationary like paints etc. The bigger boxes can be used to store books or soft toys or even puzzle boxes and board games.

Click here to buy this toy storage box with a lid.

Ikea Stuk Boxes

Ikea Stuk Boxes

Stuk boxes are one of my most favorites and you will find them in most drawers of my room. I use them for makeup and medicines. For Miss A I use them for storing her things and toys. The bigger Stuk boxes are used to store her play dough and the tools. Similarly, I store other games and their parts in these.

The smaller ones are used in drawers for segregating her stationary and paints and other things, making it easy for her to find them.          

Click here to buy Stuk boxes.

If you are wondering to introduce playdough to your child, this post  How Does Playing with Playdough Help in a Child’s Overall Development? is a helpful post.

Drawer System

Drawer System

Next, let me tell you about one of the most extensively used items in the house with Miss A. This drawer system is a set of 5 drawers and can be used for storing anything for the child. And ideal kids’ storage cabinet, this is a great product to have for kids of any age.

I bought this kids’ storage cabinetbefore Miss A was born also and to date, we use it to store her daily clothes. She knows which drawer has what and is becoming independent. My friends use it for toys and books and again, these are very convenient for the same and help the child understand what is kept where.

The biggest advantage of this 5 Drawer System is that it can be stored in a corner of any room and it can store many things without taking space. In vibrant colors, this is a great toy storage idea for kids. Click here to buy this.

Non-Woven Foldable Bags

Non-Woven Foldable Bags

Next on my list for kids’ toy storage are non-woven foldable bags which can be used for a variety of purposes.  The Disney print toy storage basket is one such set I use in different sizes. Presently, these are used for storing soft toys and also other toys. For example, Miss A is fond of her kitchen set and she has got a few as gifts and as a result, it is a big set. So all kitchen-related toys go into one bug storage basket.

When the bags are not in use, they can be folded and kept away. This is what we use at my parents’ place too.The bag is used when we are visiting to store her toys, else it’s folded and kept away after being washed.

The non-woven bags come in different sizes and patterns. The set of storage boxes comes in a set of 2 and are light in weight and easy to carry.

Kids love soft toys and there are many advantages of playing with them. Read the post, Why Kids Love Soft Toys? to understand why and also ensure your child plays with a few if they like it and use these foldable bags to store.

Storage Stools for Kids

Storage Stools for Kids

Next on my list are these storage stools. These can be used as a stool to sit on and in the basket, one can easily store toys. This makes a great addition if you like a toy storage box with lids. Easy to carry and convenient to use; these are an excellent way to save space.

You can find them in various prints. If you are looking for one in unicorn design, check the Unicorn print design storage box.

Multipurpose Shelves

Multipurpose Shelves

The Multipurpose Shelves for Kids is another great addition to your child’s room and a very convenient idea for kids’ toy storage. These are ideal for toys with small parts and stationery and other toys like cars and dolls etc.

The shelves are available in different colors and are attractive and an excellent way to inculcate the habit of cleaning up after playing and putting things in the designated area.

These two options I have not used, but the cartoon car storage rack and the Nordic house storage cabinet look cute and convenient.

Boxes with Wheels

Boxes with Wheels

If you are in a house where the toys move from one part to the other due to various reasons, then the Toy Storage Box with Lids and Wheels is a good option for kids’ toy storage.

With these boxes, the child can carry the toys on their own. Big in size, easy to use because of wheels, many kids and parents love using these kids’ toy storage boxes.

Book Storage Options

Book Storage Options

I have used traditional bookshelves for Miss A as she has always had many books. But for those, looking for interesting storage options for books, the Books Storage Organizer for Kids is a great option.

The Wooden Book Rack for Kids is another similar option in wood. These are great to inculcate the habit of choosing books, reading them, and keeping them back.

I know of many people who work on the concept of book rotation, so they pull out a set for a week or fortnight, and place on this and then let the child choose the books. This way parents ensure mostly all books are read and also the child learns to keep them safe.

Multi-Purpose Storage Ideas for Kids

Multi-Purpose Storage Ideas for Kids

Parents are looking at kids’ toy storage ideas always, but besides toys, many other things need to be kept properly. In this last section, I will share some of the products I am using and which make my life easier.

To store clothes for the next season or next year, I use Clothes Storage Boxes and Vacuum Storage Bags. These are very convenient, and make storage easier.

For storing and organizing things like clips, hairbands, rings, etc. this  3 Layer Storage Boxes is a great idea.

Storage Bags

Lastly, many things are easier to store in simple drawstring bags. For example, the beads of the Wooden Beads Pattern Box or the cards of any card game once the box tears off are best kept in Storage Bags.

The above are some of the ways I use these bags for. Each child and parent have their requirements, but these multipurpose ideas suit many and thus, I have listed them here.

Lastly, I have book racks in Miss A’s room to store the non-woven bags and her books. This wooden shelf from Amazon or this colorful one from Pepperfry saves space and help in organizing her things.

So Which Kids’ toy storage Are You Using?

Kids’ toy storagecan be a hassle for many but by using some simple things it is not that difficult. Other things like shoe boxes or cartons can be decorated and used and sometimes, many things are found in the house which come as gifts or we are no longer using, but are ideal for storing things.

I have shared some of the ideas I use to store toys and books. Hope these kids’ toy storage ideas help you and if you have more interesting options, please do share in the comments.