If you at any time need to have to apparent your head, go swim laps for an hour. You can’t take your cellular phone, you really don’t know if anyone’s calling or texting and you can not listen to songs or podcasts. Except if you have some of people extravagant water-proof headphones, but why would you ruin it, you monster? The kids can’t request you in which their headphones are, your companion can not drown out your interior voice with his hockey recreation. It’s just a wonderful way to be on your own with your views. So, when I was flailing all-around in the deep-close obnoxiously early in the early morning a couple of times in the past, by yourself with my godless views, it struck me: I believe I exaggerate how tiny folks assume about religion about these elements.

You know how I’m usually yammering on about how faith is truly variety of a non-detail listed here in Canada, in particular in which I grew up and where by I stay now? I normally say most individuals around below are possibly non-spiritual or do not converse about their religion at all. No make a difference how much my loud mouth babbles about it, no one particular cares that I’m an atheist. I believe I’ve said this a great deal in my time producing this weblog.

It just strike me that early morning as I was dodging the manswimmers that I could feel of a few times because I started to publish this blog that I was tossed aside by people in my genuine existence mainly because I’m an outspoken atheist.

So, possibly Canadians aren’t the developed, tolerant Care Bears I experienced myself convinced they ended up. Some of y’all suck. Sorry.


There was the time I was dumped by a mate and former co-employee. She was a quite great human, truly worried for the welfare of people today around her. She and I labored in an addiction restoration software, her as the counsellor and myself as the promoting director. We turned great pals, bonded over the criticism of our place of work and care for the men and women it was managing. I understood she was spiritual. She talked about the Seventh Working day Adventist Church to which she belonged. I remember 1 early morning we had been discussing just one of the people who had been in recovery at our facility but who had recently still left and then long gone missing.

“Are you a praying particular person, Courtney?” She asked me.

“Nah.” I shook my head.

“Would you pray for him with me, anyway?”

And she prayed when I stood there, keeping her hand and holding my mouth shut like a great minimal atheist.

Regardless of the fact that I didn’t like this, and the fact that she did communicate about her faith from time to time, we ended up still fantastic close friends. We’d go out for dinner, or make perogies from scratch at my location, show up at new music festivals in the town we lived in, and many others. The actuality that we had differing worldviews did not get in the way of our friendship.

That is, of system, right up until I commenced conversing about mine.


Shortly right after I began this weblog, she unfriended me on Facebook with no a phrase. You see, it was flawlessly fine for her to communicate about how she felt about religion, but as before long as I did the exact same, there was zero tolerance.

The next time, it was a few we’d satisfied when we lived in Mexico. She was from Jamaica, he was from Canada. She was devoutly spiritual but that never ever acquired in the way of us obtaining a great time. She’d prepare dinner the most superb Jamaican curries for us and we’d fortunately gobble them down with out a care in the world that our positions on religion did not line up. They moved back to Canada just a minimal whilst soon after we did, only about an hour absent from the place I dwell now. We seemed forward to catching up with them when we moved here, but it didn’t occur. By some means, they learned my website and ghosted us.

The 3rd and most the latest time another person dropped me for remaining an atheist, it was a likely copywriting consumer. He bought in touch following a good friend referred him to me. He desired enable with his website information so I responded asking for specifics. I imagine I might have had a little something in my email signature that pointed to my situation at International Association of Atheists mainly because he responded with one particular line:

“I assume I have to have anyone with a lot more imagination”

I understood proper away he was talking about my irreligiosity but at the very least the person had the excellent sense to acknowledge his beliefs were all creativeness.

But much more creativity? Actually? You never get any one with more imagination than a Cleveland Browns supporter, but I digress, the fella was an asshole.

In fact, all of these persons are assholes but I’m grateful for every single of these incidents. It’s helped me to illustrate the most widespread discrimination atheists however confront. Spiritual folks can chat about their beliefs in general public, to strangers, knock on doors, send out out literature, leave their guides in every single resort area from below to Tatooine. They can go on and on and on about it and no 1 sees any trouble with it. They are defended with bullshit like, “respect other people’s beliefs” and “don’t insult their faith.”

But when atheists talk about our emotions on faith? We’re offended. We’re hateful. We’re intolerant.

Of system, we know why. We are a danger to their potential to cling to their faith. We are the personification of their very own buried doubts, and when we’re around and we really don’t keep tranquil, we drive them to confront individuals uncertainties. If they are not prepared to do that, it kinda pisses ‘em off.


They want the previous planet again. The just one in which the nonbelievers faked their way through life, hiding their disbelief and preserving their mouths shut. The earth where by anyone close to them validated their delusions. That earth is gone, and so are these a few intolerant assholes who will only associate with these who stay in line.

The detail is, the only time mommy truly stays in line is when she’s swimming. So, adios, bon voyage and fuck off.

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