There are various different types of teethers which are made to provide relief for babies during the time they are getting their first teeth. It is often distressing to see your baby in such difficulty during this time. Therefore as any parent would do, you would look for a method to relieve the pain or at least ease it to a certain degree. There are many different types of baby teethers you can get from any baby boutique. These come in different shapes and sizes, often designed to be appealing to toddlers. The materials teethers are made of also vary a great deal and the following ingredients should be strongly avoided.

  • BPA
  • Lead
  • Phthalate
  • Heavy metals
  • Cadmium and other toxic substances

Benefits Of Using Baby Teethers
Suckling is an action which comes naturally to infants. For this reason when they are given something to suck on they would be happy. Teethers available in a baby boutique are ideal for this purpose. This also has its uses when your baby is hungry. As a temporary solution it gives you a little time to be able to prepare your baby’s food or until you find a suitable location to breastfeed the little one.

Teethers also function to provide soothing properties, hence often coined the name soother or pacifier. This comes in hand for use when your baby is in a stressful condition such as when taking an injection, blood test or any other similar activity. Some little ones find it hard to settle down at bedtime and have found comfort when given their teether. By using a teether you could also prevent your baby from putting other things in their mouth. Some suck on their thumb or fingers which often ends up being a bad habit. This can be controlled by the use of a teether.

Drawbacks Of Using A Baby Teether
Although the use of teethers has been a parenting technique for years, there are also a few drawbacks associated with the practice. In some instance it is found that the use of a teether very early on in your child’s development can interfere with breastfeeding. The child could also become dependent on the pacifier if sued excessively. In some studies it has been found that the use of pacifiers is associated with increasing the risk of occurrence of middle ear infections. Furthermore, prolonged use of a teether can actually lead to dental problems.

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