COMMENTARY: So much for ‘parental rights’ | Opinion


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In late March, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was all about “parental legal rights,” signing what critics named a “You should not Say Homosexual” bill, which he insisted was really all about guarding the capability of mom and dad to tutorial their kid’s upbringing, handle what subject matter issue they have been exposed to in the classroom, and be knowledgeable by universities of matters pertaining to their “psychological, emotional or bodily perfectly-becoming.”

Only a few months afterwards, he is threatening to have mom and dad investigated by the state’s “boy or girl protective” bureaucracy really should they choose to just take their youngsters to entertainment activities he would not approve of. And the same legislators who passed that “parental rights” invoice now suggest to make parental non-conformity with Ron DeSantis’ entertainment preferences a felony punishable by, among other matters, termination of the “parental rights” they so recently postured as defenders of.

Why the unexpected bootlegger’s reverse on “parental rights”?

Well, it seems that some mothers and fathers, in some places, are using their kids to “drag demonstrates” — for each Wikipedia, “a form of leisure performed by drag artists impersonating adult men or females.”

Folks are also reading…

Ron DeSantis and organization contemplate that a prime prospect to “personal the libs” in the “culture war,” even if it usually means turning on a dime and abandoning their “parental legal rights” line.

EDITORIAL: Added web-sites for early voting will be wanted

In American society, drag shows have been a detail for about a century. Right until rather not long ago they have been mostly confined adults-only venues, specifically “homosexual bars” and remote war zone places where by U.S. troops had to provide their possess enjoyment.

But in new years they’ve turn out to be significantly preferred outside the house the LGBTQ and armed service communities, in huge part because of to the “truth Tv” collection RuPaul’s Drag Race, now moving into its 15th time.

When matters turn out to be well-known in the much larger tradition, they become intriguing to young children much too. And some mom and dad are going to humor that curiosity.

DeSantis is obviously willing to toss people mom and dad below the bus if he thinks it will boost his vote totals in this November’s gubernatorial election and, prospectively, the 2024 GOP presidential primaries.

I’m not heading to test to market you on drag demonstrates, specially for young children. In my limited working experience (I attended a handful of these exhibits with close friends at “homosexual bars” again in the 1980s), they are fairly entertaining, but generally aspect dancing, costume and humor with strong sexual overtones. I listen to that “family members-welcoming” variations are a factor now, but haven’t viewed those and as a result have no belief on them.

COMMENTARY: Crystal clear and present risk

What I am likely to check out to offer you on is … nicely, “parental rights.”

Staying a guardian indicates earning decisions, and when I hope you’ll make good options, the kinds of leisure you select for your loved ones are your organization. Not mine. Not Ron DeSantis’. Yours.

Any politician who suggests otherwise ought to be punished, not applauded.

Thomas L. Knapp (Twitter: @thomaslknapp) is director and senior news analyst at the William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism ( He life and operates in north central Florida.