Digital Video Recording (DVR) provided by Dish Network is the most advanced television recording technology available today and enhances a television system’s ability to provide the ultimate experience in television viewing.

Dish Network’s gift of a free DVR to new program subscribers puts total control of programming back into the hands of the viewer. One can then decide how they want to view a program and when they want to watch it. The viewer can record up to 100 hours of programming and store it digitally in the hard drive. You will never have to buy, catalog, and store another videocassette tape. Interruptions are no longer an irritation because the slim remote allows you to pause live shows and resume watching after the interruption has passed. You can create you own slow-motion instant replays, record, fast forward, rewind, stop, and skip forward. Dish Network’s DVRs are equipped with built in digital audio outputs and TOSLINK style optical outputs giving you superb audio and visual images and sound clarity. Dolby Digital surround sound is available on some movies as well as some pay-per-view channels.

The DVR is fully integrated with the nine-day Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to provide more versatility in creative recording. The on-screen DVR command makes it easier and quicker to select and record both standard and high definition shows. The remote also features a Parental Control button to allow locking of channels that are undesirable for viewing in your home. The DVR serves as your own library – containing all your favorites in music, sports, and movies – all digitally recorded and stored in the hard drive of your DVR. Dish Network’s innovative DVR features include the ability of the DVR to locate and record programming with minimal known information – enter the title of a movie or song or an actor’s name – the smart DVR will then find the information, record, and store it for viewing at a later time. A DVR will enable you to create commercial-free programs – simply skip through commercials for seamless recordings of movies, live sporting events, sitcoms, game shows, music, etc. If the system is equipped with an advanced two-tuner satellite receiver, the viewer can record two shows while watching a different program on the same television or record and watch live programming and the recorded ones independently when connected to two televisions.

Most people’s lives are hectic, and one cannot always be at home or in front of the television when what you want to see is being broadcast. The DVR will become your best friend – much like the remote control. You can rest your mind knowing that when you return home, you will be able to relax and see your choices in 100% digital transmissions – providing you with the best in viewing and sound. Switch now. Start here. Click on Dish Networkfor more detailed information on Dish Network DVR models as well as pricing, programming, and ordering information. Remember – all your equipment is free. The only charge is for Dish Network programming choices.

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