Nearly all of the features and tools that any seller would need were available in Helium 10, including operational support, research and analytics, a dashboard that allows sellers to see in-depth information about the performance of their products on Amazon, and the ability to find excellent products that will generate 6- to 7-figure income.

For the demands of Amazon sellers in terms of research and analytics, helium 10 product research is a reliable and complete solution. With more than 20 tools and features, Helium 10 enables sellers to view crucial business indicators such as trends, keyword research, product research, profit calculation, inventory management, trend analysis, and advertising solutions. It also enables you to grow your Amazon business by making your products more visible, determining the demand for your product, managing inventories, streamlining procedures, and more.

Profits by Helium 10 is a crucial tool for your Amazon business since it gives you a general understanding of your financial situation and enables you to act quickly to optimize your overall sales plan. Profits consist of data on the trend of sales for your product, estimates of gross and net profits, and support with inventory control.

What are product research tools?

There are six tools in this category that can help you choose a high-quality product. It enables you to quickly assess profitability and other important information, as well as compare the success of your product to those of comparable items on Amazon. These tools include

  • Keyword research tools

The keyword research tools from Helium 10 are some of the most sophisticated ones available. These tools can help you find high-ranking keywords that you can use to increase the visibility of your items and their ranking in searches, as well as the search traffic for comparable products.

  • Frankenstein

A unique tool for keyword optimization, Frankenstein helps you create effective Amazon product listings. It examines a large number of terms consumers use to find goods comparable to yours and provides you with a more organized and manageable list of keywords you can use to create product listings, enabling you to rank higher in search results and boost product sales.

  • Scribbles

The next outstanding concept presented by Helium 10 was called Scribbles. While Frankenstein did a great job of organizing the keywords into lists that made sense, Scribbles helps you keep your listing current and relevant by providing you with new and relevant keywords that customers are using to find similar items. This ensures that you do not use too many keywords if you have character limits to meet. Helium 10 Scribbles helps you save a tonne of time and reduces stress.

  • Index Verifier

You can use Index Checker by Helium 10 to see how your listings stack up against those of your rivals. It allows you to assess how keywords affect your position in search results and how your competitors fare.

  • Operation tools 

Amazon provides solutions for operations that can help you with a variety of tasks, including inventory management, important reminders, and much more.