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As the weather begins to cool for the season, and the leaves put on a dazzling display of colors for us, here are some crafts to get you and your child into the spirit of the fall season. 

Leaf Wreath 


  • Leaves from your neighborhood
  • Glue
  • Paper plate
  • Ribbon

First, you will need to collect leaves to put around your wreath. Next, take your paper plate and cut out the middle portion to create the wreath form. Glue the leaves you found around the paper plate and let them dry. Make sure to cover the entire paper plate with leaves. After it is completely dry, add a ribbon to hang it. 

Apple Mosaic


  • Construction paper:
    • Green and brown for the stem and leaves
    • Red, green, or yellow construction paper, depending on the color apple you and your toddler want to make. 
  • Paper plate or cardstock 
  • Pen
  • Craft glue or glue stick

If you are using cardstock and a pen,  go ahead and draw a circle on the piece of paper. You can hold your child’s hand so they get the feeling of drawing a circle. If you are going to use a paper plate, there is nothing more you need to do.

Then, show your child how to rip the construction paper into small pieces. This will help with motor skills for your child. Have them rip a few pieces of paper. Show your child how to rip them up safely.  If they start to get frustrated, you can show them how to use scissors safely. This also helps with fine motor skills. 

Once all the pieces are torn apart, glue them either on your paper plate or in the circle you both drew. Once your apple is completely filled in, you can add a leaf or stem to the apple. You can do this by tearing out the paper or cutting it. 

Fall Trees


  • Red, brown, orange, yellow washable paints
  • Paintbrush
  • White construction paper
  • Brown Crayon

First, have your toddler help you draw the trunk of the tree with the brown crayon. This will help them with fine motor skills. 

Then take one of the colors (red, orange, or yellow) and help your child by painting the palm and fingers of their hand. 

Then, have them place their hands on the construction paper to make leaves. Repeat this with different colors. Have your child paint with the brown washable paint. Now you have some beautiful fall trees!

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