There are many ways to make your child happy. But we don’t want his pleasure to be short-lived. Often parents give their child a new toy, and he forgets about it after a few days or even earlier. Parents began to understand that it is important to approach the choice of children’s toys more consciously. It should be something multifunctional so that the baby can use his imagination. It is very difficult to keep the interest of the child and concentrate his attention on one subject. Fortunately for parents, there are enough options for solving this problematic issue today.

Have you ever heard of pikler triangle? As you see, its name speaks for itself. This is a wooden structure that looks like a triangle. It is a ladder that the child can climb from one side and descend from the other.

Benefits of the pikler triangle for Child Development

Spending time on the triangle, the child begins to understand how his body works. He learns to control his movements. He develops good muscle memory. Muscles become stronger. The child feels this and performs subsequent tricks more confidently. When he sees the result of his actions, he understands that this is his personal achievement. This helps him to be even more active and feel the excitement. 

Children who devote a lot of time to triangle exercises have very good balance and coordination of movements. They are not afraid of accidental falls.

How to choose a pikler triangle

If you understand all the obvious advantages of the pikler triangle and decide to purchase it, pay attention to some details of the choice:

  • What material is the structure made of? People always make high demands and standards for children’s furniture. Therefore, the materials are selected the best and time-tested. The most suitable material is birch. It is known to be a very durable wood.
  • Furniture varnish safety. Crawling babies often put everything in their mouths. And they will certainly be tempted to touch the toy with their tongue. It must be admitted that this cannot be avoided. So when choosing a toy, be sure that safe coatings have been used to cover the wood. The health of the child always comes first. Choose responsible and reliable manufacturers.

If your child is very mobile, then the pikler triangle will definitely benefit him. He will definitely be able to realize on it all his needs in movement and have fun. Energetic children are a blessing. And finding a way for a child to use their energy is a double happiness.

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