Paper crafting is an activity that allows us to open to our imagination and shape things than mean something to us as individuals. Sometimes, these objects are functional in the traditional sense, but often they are not. When the latter appears true, these items may have a shelf life that is short; think of holiday cards or origami pieces that weren’t meant to last beyond a few weeks with general handling. But, are they really “non-functional” if they help motivate and inspire us to do the things we must do and live better lives?

These items can still be functional in the sense that they have the practical purpose of providing moments of pleasure as we make them and enjoy them later in life. They can even play major roles in how we attain goals or work in certain spaces; items on display have the purpose of reminding us of what is important and or adding to our general appreciation of life as we see something that brings us pleasure on a regular basis. These can function as creative motivators that generate ideas which are very specific to how we are motivated on an individual level.

Looking at things that give us pleasure is key to some people. And sometimes, the general cleanliness, orderliness or artistic design of a room can throw certain individuals way off kilter or swing them back into the range of productivity that helps them meet their work and life goals. Often these people, will say things like “it feels so much easier to work in here” or “now, I feel inspired” or the common one, “I can’t work around a mess.”

For example, a crafty YouTube personality, with the online handle, “athomewithnikki,” has made an inspiring workplace out of close. Really. Important to Nikki, colors play a large role as well. One of her main motivators was to think of how a big business operates and set off sections of the closet according to that mindset, including inventory, supplies and so on. These are extreme examples of how combining the very practical function of using inspiration and craft projects can alter your general course in life and improve it for the better. Creativity extends from all of her crafty projects and culminates in her use of colors, words and concepts to help shape objects which will influence her life for the better. Most of us could use this kind of thinking in our lives.

How will these ideas affect your next paper crafting project?

Finding out what inspires you to meet goals could be as simple as looking at what you have that must be attended to and, then, finding the way to represent it in the most personally appealing and motivating matter. You can also notice what others say helps them. Be encouraged. And, consider if the essence of those ideas or the ideas themselves could aid your process ass you attempt to combine the inspiring with the practical.

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