Maybe the disadvantage with the improvement in technology is that it makes us more confused as to which choice we must make. There are so many brands of LCD TVs and they have the almost the same features and prices which makes it hard for the buyers to choose. Which one to choose? Only you yourself will be the one to find out.

Thanks to the LCD technology, images are crystal clear as compared to the old CRT TVs. LCD, for your information stands for liquid crystal display. You can buy cheap LCD TVs and still get a quality product that you will be satisfied with if you know what to look for in an LCD TV.

One thing that you must look for is the picture clarity. The images must be crisp and sharp. LCD TVs with 1366 x 768 pixels has a display format of 720p which ensures one-of-a-kind clarity of the images produced. You can also choose from the different modes of the wide screen. These are conventional, zoom, and auto-wide. Depending on the room that you will occupy, you have those mentioned choices available.

You must also know the sound system quality of an LCD TV. The acoustics vary from model to model. Most LCD TVs however, have two speakers with a stereo effect and a power of 3 watts for each speaker. You might hear the horse galloping as if it was in the same room we are in. The size and the number of speakers will depend on how big your room is.

There are also other bonus features such as TV tuner, infrared remote control, teletext, auto tracking system, comb filter, and digital electronic programming guide. The LCD TV may offer you parental controls, or allows you to connect your television to your PC. Some channels that are not for children may e blocked if the LCD TV has a child lock feature. Some models also offer you light sensors and noise reducer. There are many more features for you to choose from. It only depends on what type of features will you be using the most.

For TV lovers, having a perfect LCD TV for them is pure delight.

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