All around the globe, the Internet and computers have become indispensable. We communicate with friends, search for information, shop online, use online banking to pay our bills and many other things that make our lives easier. However, there are also certain dangers that come with Internet usage. Aside from viruses, the Internet could also pose threats to our children if they are allowed to use it without proper monitoring and control.

Parents can take preventive measures to tone down the dangers. But in order to be successful with the implementation of parental control over the Internet, parents have to be tough. For the sake of your children’s well-being, you need to be a parent and not a friend. We are all aware that identity theft, pornography, and pedophiles are very rampant nowadays. If you don’t want your kids to be the next victim, you can use the following tips to effectively execute control over your children’s Internet usage.

Know as much as you can about computers and the Internet.

A parent needs to know how to deal with computers and the Internet. Knowing how to check the previous websites recently visited, learning how cache is deleted and having the know-how in putting restrictions to unwanted websites are just a few of the skills parents need to have.

Never let your children access the Internet alone in a closed room.

Children may need privacy but hours and hours spent alone in front of the computer could spell trouble and should not be permitted. You would have no way of knowing what is going on behind that door unless you ask them and there’s no guarantee that they will tell you everything. You need to encourage your children to talk to you openly about everything under the sun to build their trust and it is a good thing to start while they are still young. Never burst out in anger if your children would have opinions which are different from yours and when they say things that would upset you.

Computers should be placed in a common area.

The best place for the computer that your children are going to use is an open area like the family room. Never place computers in your children’s bedrooms. You can set-up a schedule for family members to take turns using the computer. For your children’s protection, children should not be allowed to use the computer unsupervised and isolated.

Educate your kids about Internet security.

Children will grow into responsible adults if they are trained at an early age. Teach your children not to provide personal information over the Internet. Make it a point to know the people in your kid’s chat list and the ones they usually chat with. You have to instill in their minds that important information like their home address, their present school, the time their parents come home and other information that may pose a threat to their safety should never be given to anybody online.

By following these tips, you will be assured that your kids are protected from the dangers that lurk around Internet communities.

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