When online, children are completely out of the parental control and parents can’t actually find out what their children do when online.

Banning children from computers or allowing using it only when parents are supervising the process is not a good solution. Besides producing a negative impact on relations with you child, this also makes it harder for your offspring to compete with other children, as the Internet these days gives certain social and academic advantages. However, the Internet should be filtered, there’s absolutely no doubt. So what is the solution?

More and more parents realize they shouldn’t impose any direct control over their child’s online activity thus trying to find out what their children are doing online. This task finds an easy solution in special keylogger software. Such software monitors computer activity and saves the report in special files so that the parents can later check it out and make conclusions. Keyloggers usually show what applications were used on the controlled computer, what sites a child visited and what he actually wrote to his online pals. There are enhanced search and sorting options, so any suspicious activity can be easily traced.

There are quite a lot of keyloggers currently available on the market. Quality depends and so does the price. Keyloggers are usually very simple to install, setup and use and require no special skills from the user. Most of them cost around $30, though there are more sophisticated species that may cost a little bit more. Keylogger software usually operates in the invisible mode and children don’t know their parents have an eye on them.

However, this last feature often comes as an obstacle for the parents. They think that keylogging their children’ online activity equals to spying and that such harsh supervision in not required for their beloved ones. Well, even if your child is very smart and kind, he or she is still a child so there is still a threat that they can make a wrong choice. And the consequences may be horrible. There are online predators that try to gather information about children in various chat rooms to take hostile actions against them in the real life. Even though children who realize they should keep their private information really private, can reveal some bits of information to a predator, who will then stick the facts together and find out what he needs.

Keylogger software often comes as the only solution for the parents with children who have the opportunity to access the Internet on a regular basis. Parents should know what happens with their children and try to prevent the possible danger. And the Internet, regrettably, carries a lot of danger with it, so keylogging software may really help to notice the problem long before it actually comes to life.

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