Many couples prefer to learn how to make a baby boy because they want their first child to be a boy. A lot of physicians and fertility specialists assert that it is improbable to influence the gender of a couple’s baby. Nevertheless, there is a large amount of subjective evidence which demonstrates otherwise.

There are people who totally believe they were able to conceive a baby boy merely by adhering to particular methods, modifying their nutritional regimen, making use of different positions during intercourse, or taking in certain blend of drinks. The medical field may not completely approve of these notions because they are lacking when it comes to substantial reports. But people who are too distressed because they have a gender preference may be willing to try some of these techniques.

A Calendar which can predict a baby’s gender

This method has a high accuracy rate and is based on the Chinese Gender Calendar. The gender of the baby is known through the age of the mother and the month she had conceived. It is a very old method and its background and history are vague but it is easy to use.

To determine the gender prediction, locate the lunar age of the mother at the time of conception and the month of conception on the chart. Follow the row and column towards the point where the two intersect. The color of the box is either blue or pink which provides the answer to the gender of the baby.

The Shettles Method

In this method, the woman can know her ovulation. She is tasked to use the basal body temperature to determine her menstrual cycle and chart for a few months. The man is required not to engage in ejaculation four to five days prior ovulation.

These issues are vital in order to accurately time sexual activity twelve hours before the woman’s ovulation. In addition, the couple has to engage in positions to situate the sperm nearest to the cervix. The woman has to reach orgasm to facilitate movement of the sperm in the direction of the egg.

Ericsson Albumin method

It is known that the X-chromosome carrying sperm is more sluggish than the Y-chromosome carrying sperm. In this method, the sperm are placed on a test tube over thick piles of albumin. The sperm then swims downward into the layers of albumin. After sometime, the sperm are isolated into two groups.

The two groups of sperm are divided into slower swimmers and faster swimmers. If the couple desires how to make a baby boy, the faster swimmers are inseminated artificially. If the desired gender is a female, the slower swimmers are chosen.

It is important to note that both parents equally contribute to the genes of their offspring. The mother is an XX by genetic considerations and can only provide X-chromosomes to the baby. The father is an XY which implies he can contribute either an X-chromosome or a Y-chromosome; therefore, he carries the deciding factor of the baby’s gender.

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