Here’s a simple tool that will help you to focus on your desires and bring them into being. What is it? A scrapbook!

Here’s the deal: whenever you see a photo of something you want, or of something like that which you want, say a fantastic house, car, thousand dollar bill, whatever, cut out the picture and stick it in your scrapbook. Make sure you pick only photos that inspire you and make you want your goal even more! For instance, I have a picture of a beach-front mansion that makes me desperately desire a beach-front mansion.

The more desire and excitement your scrapbook causes in you when you view it, the more energy you are giving to the creative process of manifestation. Sit for a few minutes every day and review your scrapbook, visualizing yourself as though you had already attained all of the things you have catalogued. Feel the excitement and freedom of the life you would be living if you already had these things. Get excited about it, feel great about it!

Once again, we are triggering the subconscious in a repeated manner to accept that which it sees as reality. Once your subconscious begins to accept and conform to the pictures in your scrapbook, you will find your desires suddenly popping into your life left and right. It’s fun, easy, fast and brings great results! Why not create a manifestation scrapbook?

Finally, when your goals arrive, take the photo from your scrapbook that caused the manifestation and place it in a second scrapbook. Call this one your Completed Desires scrapbook. The more you look back on this and realize how many of your desires manifested in your life, the more your faith in the process will grow. And as your faith in the process grows, so will your manifestations appear more quickly in your life. This will create a spiral that will cause your life to begin shaping itself to your desires more and more quickly, until you finally find yourself living the dream life you always wanted. When your second scrapbook is more full than your first, you will know that you are creating your own reality moment by moment.

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