My Employee Is Bad at Taking Feedback


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This is a roundup of solutions to four questions from audience.

1. My personnel is poor at getting responses

I have a new personnel who’s very structured and ambitious and normally competent, but she is terrible at obtaining suggestions.

Owning read through your column for a even though, I’ve tried out to include your advice. I am going to say issues like “I have seen you’ve been doing this X way, but we really do it Y way for A, B, and C reasons. It truly is not a large offer at all, just a little something to keep an eye on.” And her response will usually be a extensive, detailed rationalization about why she did it the way she did, adopted by a motive why her way is better, but then also, often, a thank-you for the feedback. I suspect that what I understand as defensiveness on her aspect is in fact overeagerness to show that she’s seeking seriously difficult. But, truthfully, it is really not a great use of my time to entertain these extended-winded explanations, and I do not know how much she’s absorbing the critiques and advice that I’m giving. Is there a way to head off the prickliness without the need of earning her sense more insecure?

Try out this: “When I give you responses about accomplishing anything a unique way, I get the perception that you may well truly feel obligated to explain why you did it in a different way initially. You don’t will need to do that — I might relatively we aim our time on earning guaranteed that you understand the comments I am offering and are in a position to include it heading ahead.” Or you can just interrupt her and say, “Sorry to interrupt you, but I want to soar in listed here — you do not have to have to make clear your wondering here! I am positive that you had fantastic factors for approaching it that way and you will not will need to justify that to me. I just wanted to convey that we do it X way in its place so that you know for the upcoming.”

If it nonetheless retains taking place just after that: “I know you want to reveal why you did it in different ways, but it can be not a excellent use of our time to go so heavily into that — and when you do that it can appear throughout as resistance to the opinions I am giving and tends to make it hard for me to know how significantly you happen to be absorbing my input.”

2. Telling a friend I will not want to perform for her

I have a problem with a good friend and former colleague, Belinda. We utilized to perform collectively, but she has since moved on to a different company. We have maintained a friendship and a shared skilled network due to the fact she moved on. 

Belinda was recently promoted and is seeking to seek the services of somebody to fill her former part. She has instructed me that the expanded occupation description is basically written for me to be the perfect candidate. She claims I would be a perfect in shape, they want to employ the service of me for it, and I must implement when it really is posted in two months.

The issue is I you should not want to do the job for Belinda. She’s a good pal but a terrible supervisor. I know our personalities would clash in a manager-personnel marriage. I am pretty sure it would spoil our friendship.

How do I enable her down softly? Jobs like this almost never open up in our area industry I would very likely have to transfer to uncover a thing very similar whenever quickly. I do not feel like there’s any way to say “many thanks, but no thanks” without having it currently being way too obvious that the dilemma is her.

Blame it on the friendship! A lot of people intentionally select not to perform for mates, for the reason that it can destroy the friendship. Say a thing like this: “I definitely appreciate your suggesting this, but I have presented it a ton of believed and I have made the decision not to use. I benefit our friendship, and I know it would have to change if I was functioning for you. It sounds like a excellent position, however, and I know you are going to discover someone great for it.”

If she pushes you to reconsider and tells you that your fears are pointless, say a thing like, “I’ve noticed it go mistaken also quite a few moments, and I don’t want to threat it.” Or even just, “Thank you — I’m flattered, but this is the ideal option for me.”

3. Must I explain to a turned down candidate that their father or mother protested our selecting determination?

I not too long ago turned down a applicant who wasn’t a fantastic healthy for the place for a selection of good reasons. They responded with an electronic mail debating our decision (in a tone that validated we built the ideal contact), and the upcoming day their guardian also sent an email debating my final decision.

In this condition, would you give the applicant a heads-up that this occurred? Given their reaction, I would not be amazed if the parental interference was requested, but it just arrives off as so wildly unprofessional it can be really soured us on a particular person who was excellent but not great and turned them into a by no means-ever. What do you assume?

Nah, I would not hassle. This candidate currently sent you an e mail debating your final decision in a impolite tone. That suggests that (a) the chances that they are going to reply properly to this heads-up are drastically reduced than with a well mannered, experienced applicant, and (b) there’s no incentive here for you to go out of your way to try to do them a favor.

And, geez, I guess we can see where the prospect got this from.

4. My colleague gave all the females at operate bouquets for Mother’s Day

I was hoping you could give your view on a circumstance that lately arose at perform. My colleague Bob can be found as a small nitpicky or overbearing, but he is generally a wonderful man or woman and we get alongside well. Very last 7 days, for Mother’s Day, he brought in a whole bunch of roses and was supplying them to all the females at operate. I’m not guaranteed if he only gave them to the moms–he did give a person to me, and designed a pleasant remark about how even however I am not a mother, I am even now a wonderful woman and he understands that should I ever opt for to have young ones I would be a terrific mom, but I am not confident if he did that for the other childless ladies.

Individually, I assumed this was a genuinely great gesture that Bob didn’t have to do. Even so, some of my colleagues were being expressing that it was overbearing, inappropriate, and sexist. I feel as even though since they consider Bob is overbearing to get started with, they are observing this gift in a destructive way, when it actually appears to be to be just a pleasant assumed. What do you imagine?

I shuddered a tiny when reading this — it truly is truly inappropriate. Lots of girls would come across this overstepping, patronizing, inappropriate, and sexist. You can find an implication there that motherhood is a contacting all people should aspire to, and it is awfully thoughtless towards people who may be having difficulties with infertility, have recently miscarried, or have zero interest in possessing young ones and you should not recognize society treating them as if childbearing really should be their default, or who just don’t want their manager dealing with them in a gendered way. It can be just … ick.

And I’m betting that he is not scheduling to give bouquets to all the adult men in the workplace on Father’s Day — not that that would make this Alright possibly, considering that it would nevertheless be overstepping and bringing gender into the workplace in a odd way — but I guess that he is not, and that could possibly make the sexism piece of this clearer.

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