Have you ever been to a baby shower where you’ve played the Candy Bar game? If you have, you know it can be a lot of fun. Even if you haven’t you might want to include it at the next baby shower you give, because it’s a game your guests will really enjoy playing. Not only that, but they’ll enjoy winning chocolate prizes for correct answers. After all, how many gals do you know who don’t enjoy an occasional chocolate pick-me-up?

Start the game by buying a large sheet of posterboard and one of each of the candy bars listed below. Tape the candy bars onto the posterboard so that you’ll be able to display them to your guests.

Give each of your guests a sheet of paper, a pen or pencil, and a magazine or book to write on. Then you can begin reading off the clues. You can either use this list or come up with clues of your own:

* Night of conception (Skor)

* Cover baby’s face with them (Hershey’s Kisses)

* 11 pound baby (Whoppers)

* Triplets (3 Muskateers)

* Grandparents (Lifesavers)

* Boys’ names (Mike & Ike)

* Poopie Diaper (Tootsie Roll)

* Umbilical cord (Twizzlers)

* Teething (Crunch)

* Father (Sugar Daddy)

* Girl’s name (Baby Ruth)

* Peek-a-boo (Look)

* Paying the hospital bills (100 Grand)

* Time to yourself (Zero)

* Lullabyes (Symphony)

* Diapers, formula, child care, etc. (Payday)

* First year of being parents (Rocky Road)

* All that dirty laundry (Mounds)

* Sweet infant (Sugar Babies)

* Breast feeding (Milky Way)

* Contractions (Now & Later)

* Cool mom (Peppermint Patty)

* The joys of parenthood (Snickers)

If you’d prefer, you can type a list of the clues and let your guests fill them out. However, calling out the clues will add to the fun everyone is having and allow more opportunities for conversation and getting acquainted if all the guests don’t know each other.

When it comes time for you to read off the answers, you can let your guests participate by taking turns giving responses. Any time someone gives you a correct response, you can pull that candy bar off of the poster and toss it to them. Make sure if you do this that everyone gets a chance to answer a question. Another way to give out a prize would be to see who ends up with the most correct answers and give that person the entire poster.

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