Every reborn doll is special in the eyes of their owner and other reborn doll collectors who understand the value of these precious dolls. Many baby doll OOAK (one of a kind) collectors enjoy adding new accessories to their collection. There are magnetic pacifiers for reborns, magnetic hair bows and headbands, baby doll bottles filled with faux fake milk formula, grape and apple juices, diapers, many different styles of store-bought and hand-made clothing and more.

Even though there are other baby doll medical kits on the market, when compared, they aren’t quite as realistic and as high a quality as this one. The reborn doll medical kit is a unique accessory in that it is a real, brand name medical kit with parts made by Nuby, Luv n Care. The kit has been carefully modified to make play time or display time with and for your reborn baby doll more realistic.

For those of you who enjoy collecting reborn baby doll accessories, you will love this new item. For now, the reborn baby doll medical kit is available in two colors: blue and lavender. Blue is a great color and is suitable for either a boy or girl. The lavender color is so pretty and would be most suited for your girl reborn doll. The kit can be used by any baby doll owner, but always keep in mind that these items are not considered to be toys. They are props and hard play is not recommended.

The actual medical kit pieces come in baby blue and lavender, your choice. The bags are a little bit of a darker color then the parts themselves. Both color choices come with a white felt heart glued onto the bag. It would be fun for any reborn doll artist to add their own touches to the bags. Perhaps adding your doll’s name or outlining the heart in Swarovski crystals or similar would make your doll’s medical kit even more special and personalized.

There are six pieces to the actual medical kit part plus the canvas bag for a total of seven pieces. You get: One Sure-Dose, partially liquid filled and permanently sealed medicine dropper. The end of the dropper has a silicone plug which, with normal display use and play should not become dislodged. The kit also contains one nasal aspirator/ear syringe, one medicine dispenser with accompanying travel measuring cup, and one medicine bottle called a Medi-Nurser. This bottle is partially filled with the fake, faux grape juice to look like the real medicine baby’s take. It has also been permanently sealed at the neck and plugged with silicone.

Once again, this is a warning. Even though younger children can play with this kit, it’s best that they be continually supervised so they do not abuse or misuse the parts. All of the reborn baby doll accessories, including the reborn baby doll medical kit are considered to be props and not toys so please use them as such and use common sense when allowing any young child to play with the accessories.

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