I’ve dipped my toe into the environment of Instagram reels, and it was fairly entertaining.

My spouse bought me hooked seeing the quick, often amusing clips, often paired with well known audio or film traces. “I’m going to go to mattress,” I convey to myself, “As before long as I complete observing this reel.” Fifty reels afterwards I could *essentially* go to bed. Hey, days are prolonged and tricky, and we could all use a mindless giggle.

Just one audio monitor I have been hearing over and in excess of is a catchy ditty that cheers, “Sis, you’re executing a gooooood job! Sis, you’re executing a gooooood position!” I have no plan where by it originated, but it normally qualified prospects me to exhibit some graceless dancing and tuneless singing. “Sis, you are performing a gooooood career!” I inform myself, sashaying in entrance of the bathroom mirror like fool. And I assume there could possibly be some other people out there who could use a goofy small affirmation of their possess.

So I did something unprecedented: I appeared on the internet in my extremely have Instagram reel. It is only from the neck down to protect some semblance of anonymity, but my torso and limbs are flailing — ahem, dancing — for all to see. And I use the prospect to convey to the quite a few, lots of individuals who function really hard to assist autistic individuals that sis, you are executing a fantastic position. (To make clear, I’m making use of “sis” in this article in a thoroughly common, gender-neutral way. Bros, you are aspect of this as well!)

Here’s the reel for those who have not been fearful off by my description:

Or if you’re not in a position to get on Instagram, I added it to my YouTube channel below:


I’m a supporter of allowing people today know they’re appreciated, specifically everyone who allows Lina access her full potential. We have been blessed to have so quite a few men and women in our lives supporting her (and us). I want to let them all know: Sis, you are executing a gooooood occupation!

Feel no cost to share with anybody who’s supported you or your relatives/buddies on their journey! And if you’re the Instagram sort, you can follow me here for a lot more unusual humor 🙂

P.S. You can also observe along on Twitter and Fb.

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