The Best Recipes For Christmas

This time of year is absolutely the best for food. There are always delicious dishes on the go, tasty nibbles at Christmas parties and of course the Christmas Day meal itself. I know many people like to stick to their tried and tested recipes each year, but I like to mix things up. There are so many great recipes out there and Christmas is the perfect time to try them out. Below I have just some of my best recipes for Christmas, I hope you will find something new that you want to try.

Christmas Day Breakfast Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I love getting round the table for a big family breakfast in our pjs. There’s always a bit of a chocolate Santa lingering somewhere, and I enjoy having a big hearty breakfast to get us ready for the day. These Christmas day breakfast ideas are all easy to make and the whole family will love the special treat.

A child's hand reaching to take a slice of breakfast pizza with an egg on it

Breakfast Pizza

A fun family breakfast! Ricotta cheese and egg on a delicious pizza crust. Add your favourite toppings and kick start the day with a meal you’ll love. Read more.

A stack of chocolate pancakes drizzled with cream and topped with chocolate chips and red berries

Chocolate Pancakes With Berries

Light chocolate pancakes topped with red berries and a cream cheese glaze. This is a decadent breakfast that you will love. Because who doesn’t have chocolate for Christmas Day breakfast? Read More.

Christmas Party Food

Are you throwing a Christmas party this year? It doesn’t matter if you’re having friends and extended family over or just having a festive night with your family at home – you have to try some of these Christmas party food ideas. The are simple yet delicious, so you don’t have to spend too long in the kitchen and can enjoy your night.

Puff pastry ham and cheese party nibbles on a wooden board

Ham And Cheese Party Nibbles

A simple recipe for delicious puff pastry ham and cheese bites. Kids and adults both love them, making them perfect for savoury Christmas party snacks. Read More.

Chunks of cucumber topped with ham and cream cheese. A hand is picking one of them up.

Ham And Cucumber Snack Bites

A simple snack to break up all the Christmas chocolate. Quick and easy to make, and just as quick to disappear. A healthy alternative snack at Christmas. Read more.

Christmas Dinner Starters

While the roast dinner usually stays pretty much the same each year, it’s fun to get creative with the Christmas dinner starters. Do you like a classic soup starter? Or do you want to try something new this year? Give one of these simple starter recipes a go and see what you think.

Parmesan Stuffed Courgettes on a white plate, set on a table

Parmesan Stuffed Courgettes

A delicious starter for your Christmas dinner. Baked courgette stuffed with parmesan, breadcrumbs and fresh herbs for a light crunch. The whole family will love it. Read More.

Samphire Broccoli Galettes on a wooden board

Samphire Broccoli Galettes

A vegetarian starter you will love. Fill with your favourite vegetables and cheeses and drizzle with balsamic for a light and tasty starter. Serve with a rocket salad. Read More.

2 bowls of butternut squash soup in blue bowls on woven place mats. 2 slices of white bread are on a wooden board next to them

Butternut Squash Soup

Make your Christmas Day starter ahead of time so you just need to heat it up on the day. The perfect stress free Christmas dinner! Plus it’s full of flavour and packed with nutrients. Read more.

A glass bowl of leek an sweet potato soup

Leek And Sweet Potato Soup

A delicious soup that everyone will love as a Christmas dinner starter. Packed with flavour but not too filling so you have room for your roast dinner. Make it the day before for a quick starter. Read More.

Christmas Desserts

Do you like to tuck straight into dessert after your Christmas dinner or do you wait a while? Whatever you choose, these Christmas Day dessert ideas are sure to get you asking for seconds. Replace the Christmas pudding with one of these cake and desserts and tuck in.

Christmas Drinks And Cocktails

If you fancy a little tipple then try some of these Christmas drink ideas. Prosecco and cocktails always go down a treat, especially at this time of year.

A black and white image of a prosecco or champagne bottle pouring into a glass

5 Best Prosecco Brands To Buy

We are all partial to a glass of Prosecco over Christmas, but with such a wide range of Prosecco’s available how do you know which ones to buy? I’ve got a list of the best for you here. Read More.

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