Leonora had a super fast catch-up with the unbelievable specialist pores and skin therapist Jeanie Cordy Simpson. The principal merchandise on the agenda was tween and teenager skincare.

Leo was amazed to hear that when it will come to skin, little ones as younger as 8-10 are thought of teenagers in the pores and skin earth. We talked about when to get started a right skincare regime and how to do it. We mentioned which solutions to make investments in, the correct SPF as perfectly as every single prevalent pores and skin criticism seasoned in adolescence. We even talked about what to do when a monster spot erupts! This is a will have to school run hear.

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Present Notes:

Jeanie Cordy-Simpson is a qualified skin therapist and is the CEO of Jeanie Scott Skin Studio. At Jeanie Scott Skin Studio they use a diversified and customised tactic to achieve and sustain the best possible skin wellbeing.

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