The online clothing business is topped in sales figures by baby clothing items now that there is economic stagnation worldwide. Baby production seems to continue unabated due to the fact that the world’s population has a large percentage of young people capable of reproduction in so many years yet to come. As the young mothers give birth to their babies, the demand for baby clothes rises dramatically and this has to be met by the drop shippers now online who serve the needs of the buying public for the baby garments. The women’s clothing niche is even overtaken now by the baby clothing niche – understandable because the newly born babies get priority attention from the moms.

The wholesalers in baby clothing goods are also taking advantage in the rise of the number babies worldwide so they have distributed their people to foreign countries in anticipation of huge sale in the children’s wear internationally. They even have started offering their clothes in wholesale buy and sell transactions at low prices just to help in the resolution o f the current recession. They know that if they lower their wholesale prices, the retail prices at the consumers’ end will also be much lower. People can then be encouraged to buy more clothes and these will lead to more profits for the online entrepreneurs.

The small clothing drop shippers are firstly benefited with the move of the wholesale firms to lower the pricing for bulk orders with higher markups and higher profits. In fact, everyone in the clothing business stands to benefit from lower wholesale pricing in baby clothes. The end users of these items tend to store plenty of the babies’ clothing in anticipation of the coming of more babies.

The increase in population may not really be bad after all – especially to the entrepreneurs in baby clothing. And when the businessmen in this niche of the clothing industry make so much extra money, they tend to spend more and thus contribute in a way to ending the economic crisis. In the first place, the recession came about anyway because of the slowdown of the spending of consumers.

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