I feel enjoy writing and sharing thoughts and observations mingled with Religious i.e. Islamic analysis. It is very helping in order to understand a situation of one’s psychology – a physical philosophy behind human mind – when something or a trait is being learnt or made stored in the mental library.

There exists in human personality a natural inherent trait. This salient feature values ones character. It may be defined as “curiosity“. Man becomes interested, or much interested depending upon the situation, if he is given restricted for/over certain line of actions. He thinks to cross such limits and observe himself. Sometimes it is better to learn from the experiences of the past-people who crossed such limits. In most cases people want their own experiences.

Adam and Eva story depicts us also that they did mistake (the stories can be found in the early holy scriptures, Holy Bible and the Holy Quran). Because of his/their curiosity to cross the order or what so ever specific reason there was… God (Allah) knows the best… It is the human nature that when we are ordered to “not-things”, there comes a point urging us to commit those “not-things“. Literary speaking, Islam, if forced to learn and made a necessary condition for a person to adopt in ones life style, it would not come to a fruitful result in shaping him a real Muslim. Apparently, he can be a well shaped Muslim but what is hidden in the body (heart) is only known to Allah. Well, up to some extent one can predict the hidden trait of his characters…but anyway to shape ones personality as per Islamic doctrines, there has to be an inner devotion to learn.

Straightforwardly, one can observe that the personal governance over offspring is a bit hard in advanced countries. The cause is very simple! It is a chain process of the parental control and guidance. If parents are not well informed about the difference between the right and the wrong deeds, they can not guide their children enough and can not shape the personality of their children. Very simple! One has to depict, mirror or exemplify himself/herself before controlling or asking their children to stop doing the same stuff which parent does. People follow what is, somehow, correct in their eyes and suitable to them only. When they are informed about the righteousness, somehow they feel offended. Examples can be seen very easily but I would not like to air evilness rather my aim is to eradicate flaws in our societies.

The real personality – in learning phase of Islam – will definitely be appeared in a short time if one doesn’t keep oneself proper to the teaching of Islam or “the real Christianity where Jesus (PBUH) ordered his disciples to obey only The Master who is in the Heaven!” what makes necessary is to get into deep understanding rather thinking it to be a “forced implementation”. When the meaning is made clear logically, one can say the definition of “Forced” changes to a meaning of “submitted“.

We can not point out that there is an “unavoidable” or forced teaching in Islam whereas it is clearly said, “There is no compulsion in religion”! What we need to evaluate is the politeness, honesty and readiness to hear what other people think about Islam and then tackle them tactfully on the hot confliction. In fact, the image of the people who want justice has been falsified only to Terrorists and extremists. The demand is to build a friendly relation, wining the hearts of the people in peaceful manner and without any forced imperative religious platform: God will definitely help you to track everyone if He willed!

In contract to other religions of our beautifully God gifted world, Islam restricts many things. It is right, but has anyone gone neutrally into the depths of such restrictions? Indeed in one sentence one can conclude that “such are the Godly borders and being a faithful believer there are definitely some hidden benefits and rewards for not only him but also the people around”. This only thing is to visualize and accept! What does it mean really? The word “restrict” is indeed, if understood right, is to submit wholeheartedly to the commandments of Allah. Well, personal designed attitudes or patterns of life are not the ways in any religion of our beautiful world. What needs is to just adopt the laws prescribed by the God, Who is the Lord and Whom will we return for the Day of Judgment!

Now I come to another aspect of the mental state! What happens when some thing is forced to learn? There would arise two situations; a. either he/she will learn by heart b: or become rebellion to that question being forcefully taught. In first case where the stuff is being learnt involves somehow ones positive devotion. Okay, there is also some “hanging sword” like state but at the end one learns, stores in mental library and implements in life by sensing that fact rightly. In case “b”, sometimes hard consequences arise. Becoming rebellion and going against what is necessary is the case often seen when the teacher does not himself depicts the lesson in his character and only tries to “slave driving” the others around him. This case is hard for a successful personal and professional life. Islam is the case first to implement honestly on him and then “broadcast” to the others politely. I would recommend here in such case of “b” one should only keep in mind that such situations are new to her/him and would indeed demand the patience and tolerance. In the end he/she will be successful.

In case b, many un-social results can occur. A good example is seen in interfaith marriages especially in Europe. Usually in such cases a husband is born Muslim, who is not strong in his faith enough to judge between “sins” and, in the beginning, gets married to a beautiful atheist and a non-believer. Then after a short time when they both open their eyes and the blinding shade of love fades away, they start to realize a lot about their “future” and the coming ones. For the sake of successful future he should be patient and trust in Allah for the fruits with comes after ages from a planted mango tree. Its never happens that in a year you get all the fruit no matter you give the suitable environment to that plant. Or take the example of “the hen that laid the golden eggs” if you kill her to get all the gold at once…so it takes time. Anyway! May God bless them the blessing of Understanding each other and each others religion. But in most cases the marriage ends soon in useless results of personal and social term.

If the politeness and a care for each others viewpoints are made first step in our lives, the feelings of suffocation or “Master-Slave Relation” can have no further effect or can be minimized. Similarly, an English term “Slave-driving” which was/is originally English mentality as they wanted to rule over the world! (Sorry if I offended, but that is a part of our history!)…but this negative sense somehow can be converted in a meaning of “Teacher-Student-Relation” by only understanding the logic of learning Islam. This demands an immense patience and time. If you role back the history about the spreading of Islam, you will come to know that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) preached only patience and trust in Allah. He did not force anyone to embrace Islam – a refined sum up of the religions – but with His patience and influencing character the hearts were automatically tuned to Islam. Well, for God – Allah – nothing is impossible. What required is only “A friendly and loving atmosphere”.

Least but not the last, the best strategy is written and finalized by our Lord in Heavens – Allah – Surah Al-Asar.(The Declining Day) 103, 1-3 (Holy Quran)

[1] By Al-‘Asr. [2] Verily, man is in loss. [3] Except those who believe and do righteous good deeds, and recommend one another to the truth and recommend one another to patience.

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